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Store AI Analytics – Business Intelligence Reports to Analyze Shopify Stores’ KPIs

Know and Grow Your Business With A Little Help From AI

Store AI Analytics centralizes entire store’s business performances & optimization opportunities in one place in the form of a deep AI-based analytical reporting dashboard. The effective use of Artificial Intelligence provides deeper actionable Business Intelligence Reports to analyze the KPIs of your Shopify store.

Features of this AI-Powered Analytics

Here are the Metrics areas you will get with this App:

  • Executive Summary Dashboard - Operational Store Metrics
  • Customers - Acquisition, Activation and Activity Reports
  • Products - Best Selling, Worse Selling and more
  • Order Dissections - Successful & Unsuccessful Ones
  • Customer Segmentation - ML-based Analysis
  • Inventory Reports - Stock Status, Demand Forecasting
  • Abandoned Checkouts - Follow Up Potential Buyers

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Store AI Dashboard

Know and Grow Your Store 
– With Store AI Analytics

Know Store Operation with Actionable Insights

Understand your customer’s activities, track abandoned carts, check inventory stocks, and get intelligence into your product performances, will empower you with full awareness about the performance of your store. And Store AI Analytics will give you key insights to exactly know your store’s real-time performance. 

Grow your Store Exponentially
Now it’s easy to Grow as you know how your store is performing and why it is performing that way. Use it’s actionable insights, act on it. You can reach your customers with targeted promotions, understand what customers are liking about your store, help customers who left your products in their abandoned carts. With all these, you are set to grow your business.