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Store AI Analytics – For Your Business Good

Know and Grow Your Business With A Little Help From AI

Store AI Analytics is a full-fledged app that provides every Shopify store owner with deep analytical and reporting capabilities and AI-based insights about their store performances. This application offers complete eCommerce analytics. Monitor the operations of your online store with intuitive dashboards that give you full visibility on major revenue metrics and Key-Performance-Indicators (KPI) of your store.

You need a Shopify store to use AI Analytics for Shopify App.

Top Featuresof this AI Analytics

Real-time visitor intent analysis for improved interactions.
  • Customer segmentation based on buying frequency
  • Increase sale rate with the customer segmentation
  • Advanced AI technology for analytical reporting
  • Use of advanced AI technology to provide store owners with actionable insight
  • Enables store owners with sales activities leveraging intuitive dashboards
  • Each graph in the application are intuitive and provide unique results
  • Lastly, this smart AI-based application helps merchants in analyzing the inventories and predict the probable product to sell.

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Store AI Analytics

AI Powered Business Analytical Application
– For Business Good!

  1. Know Your Customers – Store AI Analytics provides dashboards with advanced analytical capabilities that enable store owners to know their customers better.
  2. Know Your Sales – Store AI Analytics enables store owners to keep tabs on their sales activities leveraging intuitive dashboards with drill-down capabilities.
  3. Get AI Insights – Store AI Analytics leverages advanced AI technologies to provide store owners with unique and actionable insights to generate higher sales.
  4. Customer Segmentation – This application segment customers, based on the frequency of order and cancellations. The segmentation details is given in the application itself