Machine learning is a part of Artificial intelligence. It is a data analysis procedure that helps in automating the analysis of the model building. As the term indicates, it is a process where the system (computer) is taught to learn from the data available to it. Instead of letting humans manage and maintain the huge data generated by the business, it is a process where the machines are taught to gather the information and store it in a safe place.

Machine Learning algorithms allows the machine to define the value of the data and based on that the machine picks up the information. Machine learning or ML is a scientific study of statistical models and algorithms used by the computer to perform the specific required task. Big data machine learning is not a very huge thing, but yes, it is important to teach the machines properly.

The Basics About Big Data Machine Learning

In this process, the machine performs the specific given task efficiently without using any explicit instructions simply relying on the pattern. Machine learning algorithms are mathematical models that are based on the sample data that is available to the machine. Following that pattern, the machine picks up knowledge about the upcoming data about that specific project.

The term machine learning was coined in 1959 and since then it has been a prototype until recently researchers took the opportunity to explore on ML. In a layman’s word, big data machine learning can be described as the improving and automating the process of the computer, which not at all dependant on human interference or assistance.

The initial data is fed to the machine and then it is programmed or trained in a way that it can create a pattern with the upcoming data that is available to the machine. The major concern about this is what information we are providing and what task we want the machine to perform.

The Fundamental Difference Between Traditional Programming and ML

  • Traditional Programming: well in the traditional programming, we had to feed the data and the program which is the input and logic for the computer. We then run the logic and the input on the computer to get the output. The problem with this process was every time there was a new program, the machine had to be fed with all the data.
  • ML: On the contrary, with the advanced technology of Machine learning, we can now simply feed the data and the output and run it on the machine during the training. Eventually, the machine will create its own program which can later be evaluated while the testing is done. Therefore, in this scenario, the machine makes use of its own logic to find a solution for that particular program.

What Learning Means for the Computer

A computer is believed to catch up from all the Experiences with respect to the Task performed. The machine picks up the information from the task that was assigned to it and then uses that to define its future actions.

The computer program learns from the experience ‘E’, with the respect of the class of tasks ‘T’ assigned to it. Say for example, while we play Chess with the machine, it plays pretty good and is often hard to beat. Did anyone ever think how and why?

It is because the program has the past experience of playing with various players and have saved up all the information about the same. When one plays a tricky game and the machine loses, it stores all the information provided by the player and saves it up as a pattern. Next time, when one plays in a similar way, the machine will use its logic to defeat the player.

Machine learning applications comes with two types of learning: supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

How Machine Learning Application Works in Reality

Big data machine learning is not a myth any longer. The term might seem unfamiliar to many people, but we have been using this every day in every way possible, it is just that we are not enlightened about the technology and therefore, we are unaware of the ML technology and how it is influencing our daily lives. Let’s have a look at the very basic areas where ML have influenced our lives and how.

ML for Online Shopping

Taking the example of online shopping. There are billions of users with a variety of requirements. Each user has their own requirements based on the brand, color, price, sizes, discount range and many more. However, when one frequently searches for a particular product, it is visible on the Facebook ads, web pages and even on the browser search result. Well, it is not that someone is sitting behind the screen checking out every users’ requirements and showing similar products to them. Big data machine learning plays a role right here.

Researchers, data engineers, machine learners build models on the machine using a huge amount of data and have taught the machine to make use of its logic. That is the reason things are getting better day by day with the experience it is getting from the various users and their input.

ML and Healthcare

Machine learning application is doing great in the healthcare sector as well. With the help of the ML, detecting cancer or at least the possibility of cancer is easily detected. The cell image is fed in the machine and it can scan the entire body of the patient and say whether there are any cancer cells in the body. This would have otherwise taken a lot of time to detect.

However, the machine used to detect cancer has to be best and with all the advanced and updated features. Otherwise, there are chances that the machine detects the wrong disease and create unwanted chaos. Doctors are using ML to detect other diseases as well.

ML and Others

Google is the largest user of ML. Once you take pictures of your pet over and over again, it will create a video accumulating all the pictures with matching background music. This is to keep the users engaged and make sure that they are happy with the service offered by them. The face detection done by Facebook is also a part of the ML technology.

The Ending Note

When it comes to the influence of big data machine learning application in our daily lives. If we keep aside the vast advantages it is creating in the world of business, we can also take a look at how it is influencing our daily lives. Machine learning is a huge concept and the entire thing is solely focussed on how it can ease the User Experience.