Business Intelligence as a Subscription Service

ClouDhiti enables businesses of any size with modern day Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Analytics technologies. It’s one of a kind service model which cuts cost, time and effort in a subscription model. 

Our hosted Data Lake service is ready for you to run ETL, data profiling, data cleansing, ML algorithms and visualizations. You can run your own show without building any infrastructure. 

If you are busy, just locate your data. ClouDhiti will take care of the rest. Access your customized analytics dashboards hosted for your ultimate business growth. Without doing any IT work, you will get what you need to understand your business’s performances and beyond.

Prediction of sales demand, classifying your customers to better understand or to perform anomaly detection in your server logs are some of the advanced analytics you can do to stand out and beat the competition. Leverage our GPU based infrastructure for AI model building instead of spending your dollars in building it. Write to us to discuss further.



Use Our Vertical Agnostic Platform for Knowing and Growing Your Business

CD’s offerings for a few industries. For others, please contact us.

ClouDhiti Data Flow for your business

Locate your source of Data and ClouDhiti will provide dashboards and beyond

Onboarding Process

Pay Per Use and Insights as a service model

ClouDhiti will automatically refresh your dashboards regularly

Use our 24 by 7 Support Service for running your Dashboards

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