I am small business owner. Why do I need ClouDhiti?

Business Intelligence helps any businesses to optimize operations and grow. Apple, eBay, Amazon of the worlds, do it intensely on a daily and even on a minute basis. However, these technologies cost $$$$$, time and resources.

ClouDhiti makes Business Intelligence possible for anyone. With it’s business process re-engineering strategies, today, any business can do business intelligence at their own affordable cost.

Once you know how your business is doing, you will be able to take it to next level for sure.

Why ClouDhiti help me grow my business?

There are various aspects which influence business growth. ClouDhiti will provide you in your fingertip, the business insights that you need to understand your business’s issues, growth opportunities, your customer base. It can even get you market intelligence for your services.

What will ClouDhiti provide me?

ClouDhiti will provide you reliable business insights of your own business. It will provide you the business dashboards that you can access from anywhere at anytime.

Will my data be secure?

ClouDhiti respects everyone’s data and privacy. Keeping this in the soul, ClouDhiti makes medical data HIPAA, PIPA, PCI, SOX compliant. It never even deals with PII information. ClouDhiti leverages all security measures of Cloud technologies.

How is ClouDhiti different from Looker, Domo and other Visualization tools?

ClouDhiti provides the analytics one business would need for them to grow in a dashboard form. It is accessible from anywhere. However the other tools provides a self service technology platform.

You will still need your resources with IT skills to build the needed dashboards or reports. With ClouDhiti’s model, you can get your business insights for 100s of dollars only.

With other models, it will cost you 100s of dollar plus salary of the IT resource you will need to hire. This could be in 100s of thousands of dollars per year. So, with ClouDhiti, you can know the performance of your business and beyond for only a couple of thousands of dollars per year. It is 100 times less costly. Which business won’t like that?

What is ClouDhiti Vision?

It is very clear. ClouDhiti’s founder, Aparajeeta Das would like to make advanced analytics technologies affordable for 30 plus million Small to Medium businesses in US, which is not the case today.

Only rich companies are able to leverage cutting edge Machinelin Learning and Artificial Intelligence Technologies to process data and build Business Intelligence which is the ultimate tool for business growth.

If SMBs can’t afford these technologies today, they are deprived of business intelligence solutions. So, shouldn’t they grow? Imagine 30 million plus businesses growing over time?

It will directly boost the economy of the country. Founder would like to provide analytics services to the masses and help all grow.

Is there ClouDhiti for Non-profit organization?


What are some of the use cases customers are using ClouDhiti for?

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ClouDhiti will automatically refresh your dashboards regularly.

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