Who Killed Gandhi? A Semantic Search Engine Answers


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We are all aware that Mahatma Gandhi was murdered, but who killed him? How about we take a little help from AI to find correct and quick answer. 

Semantic Search Engine (SSE) enables readers and researchers to find the answer easily. Just type one word and it will search within millions of documents to deliver the appropriate answer to several questions. For example: Who Killed Gandhi? Fill up the form and register to know the answer.

Speaker : Aparajeeta Das

  • Aparajeeta Das is a Business Intelligence industry veteran with 20+ years of experiences. She has extensively worked on Big Data technologies and launched in production many Big Data systems working on petabytes of data. She is the founder of ClouDhiti.Inc - an AI app marketplace. Before founding ClouDhiti, she worked in companies like eBay, Chegg, Ford, LG CNS among others.

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Date: 27th of August, 2020

Time: 08:00 PM IST

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