Influential Features of Next-Gen AI Chatbot – part 2

Influential Features of Next-Gen AI Chatbot – part 2

In our part 1 blog, we have discussed a few of the commonly asked questions about the AI Chatbots. In this blog, we will discuss a few more in-depth questions about AI-powered chatbot.

Here we will speak from the merchants perspective. What exactly does a merchant look for in a chatbot before installing? What are their expectations of return on investment?

Benefits of using a chatbot?

– Customer support 24/7

– Doubles customer engagement

– Advancing customer services

– Match up to the trend

– Effective lead generation

– Defining goals to boost sales

– Create conversational funnels to reach goals

How can chatbots increase ROI?

The simple calculation of ROI is how much the chatbot costs versus the benefits it offers to the merchants. Pricing is the first and most crucial factor for a merchant. However, the primary feature of providing seamless customer support with the bot, thereby cutting down the cost. But the vital question that keeps lurking is whether a chatbot can boost sales? Or whether it can promote selective products directly affecting the ROI?

In a nutshell, ROI for a chatbot depends on 3 main factors:

1) Cost of the Chatbot

2) Seamless customer support

3) Boosting sales rate.

The next-gen AI-powered Chatbot is ready to provide all three factors to the enterprises. For example Syra AI Chatbot Nonetheless, chatbots are improvising every day with new and advanced technology.

How do you use Chatbots for marketing?

Here are a few chatbot advancements required for marketing and better ROI:

  1. Creating a personalized experience: Portraying that the chatbot is built for the visitor.
  2. The chatbot with a wider audience engaging capacity: It offers realistic conversation rather than robotic answers.
  3. Deliver desired results: Provide what visitors are looking for.
  4. Goal set-up chatbot feature for direct sale: AI chatbots are specialized for the goal-setting features. The AI model trains the chatbot to create conversational funnels to lead customers towards the pre-defined goals set by the merchants. This directly hits the ROI and boosts the sale rate.
  5. Promotions and offers at a glance: The chatbots can be trained so that it can display the offers or discounted products to boost sale rate.

How can Chatbots improve customer service?

Chatbots improvise and pace-up communication with visitors. Where human agents were meant to take hours or days to respond to their customers, the chatbot takes a few seconds. But that’s not all. Chatbots are to understand the intent of the customers and stimulate relevant responses for improved customer service.

Should I use a chatbot?

Yes. Businesses running worldwide or within a concentrated geographical location requires customer support 24/7. However, looking for human responses can be costly. Thanks to the present day chatbots, the responses are real-time and are followed by relevant lead-on questions helping customers find a suitable way to find the answer for their queries. Therefore, using a chatbot will be cost-effective and can always engage customers in many effective ways.

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