How AI solutions are helping online retail thrive in the new normal

Aparajeeta Das, CEO of Cloudhiti Inc., explains how integrating AI into online store not only provides a seamless experience for users, but the delivers crucial data insights so you can keep on building your business […]

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Making Best Use of The NLP Engine

The scope of Natura lies in finding a more qualitative solution in minimum effort. With this engine, hitting potential customers is easy by offering the required information irrespective of the day or time. This engine is less prone to errors, hence, the better customer experience can help to establish a better brand.


What is Shopify Store AI Analytics?

Store AI Analytics has been made to provide business insights to Shopify store owners. It can be used by small to large business owners who have a store on Shopify. It use data analytics to help business owners in improving their business by making them understand the customer’s activity, product, order, transactions,stock details,and a tab having actionable items. The end product provided to the store owners is a dashboard having multiple insightful metrics derived from the data taken from the Shopify store.

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