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Peter Mills, CEO, Track3T Inc.

ClouDhiti.ai proved to be a great service for the dashboards we needed. The team developed a number of different dashboards in a short time and modified them in 24 hours or less to make them more useful for us. The service is very reasonably priced and provided great value to Track3t.


Rick Richman, CEO, FirePie Inc.

Firepie is a food tech company that delivers wood-fired pizza on demand in about 15 minutes. We needed to leverage our multiple data sources to track our logistics performance and other operational KPIs. CloudHiti built a robust dashboard for us in record time, and as a startup with limited resources, they were surprisingly affordable.


The Brain Behind – the ClouDhiti AI Platform!

CD AI Platform hosts various high performance and scalable technology stacks in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science domains.

  1. It hosts an English speaking Robot, named Syra, who can have conversation with customers in any website or messenger services
  2. It has Data Science components automated to provide advanced analytics
  3. It has the Data Ingestion processes for B2B eCommerce world
  4. It’s visualization platform is proprietary so that our customers don’t have to pay anyone else
  5. The infrastructure is modular and pluggable in any Cloud or On-prem services
  6. Data privacy and security functionality are inbuilt
  7. The platform can read documents, images, audio and video files for semantic searches

Does it sound like a magic? It is. This is why this is one stop AI Apps shop for B2B and eCommerce businesses today! Read More…

ClouDhit's AI Platform
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Why CD Apps?

For your eCommerce Business, CD AI Apps Marketplace brings in the entire Ecosystem of Apps required to Know and Grow your business and beyond. It is a one stop shop.

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How Much Will it Cost?

ClouDhiti’s AI Apps are available in freemium models and if satisfied, pay a monthly subscription charge. Save Time, Money and Effort!

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What is the On boarding Process?

It is self Service! Surely CD Support Team is always one ping away 24 by 7 to support you. Our Knowledge base with FAQs will be your friends.

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