ClouDhiti Stands-by All the SMBs to Promote and Boost Their Businesses

ClouDhiti Stands-by All the SMBs to Promote and Boost Their Businesses

Analytics is in everything you do. Every large scale businesses use it and so does any roadside food stall owner. Without analytics, it is literally impossible to bring in revenue to your business. Aparajeeta Das, the founder of ClouDhiti traveled across the world to find out how SMBs are using analytics to get better ROI.

She visited a vegetable retailer who owns a small space on the footpath in India. The retailer uses business analytics to do profit, charity, and investment at the same time without any technical help.  Aparajeeta Das was amazed by her business analytical skills and thought forth to provide the power of AI to SMBs.

The retailer’s daily business routine involves:

  • – Buying the vegetable at a much lower rate
  • – Selling them at a higher price. That is where she makes the profit.
  • – Then she gives away the leftover vegetables to the poor at the end of the day.
  • – In spite of that, she keeps her part of the profit, and
  • – With a part of the profit amount to buy vegetables to sell the next day

Such a deep calculation required analytical skill and the vegetable vendor masters it!

What Sets ClouDhiti Apart?

The idea of ClouDhiti is to help business analytics reach such small businesses. In the US there are approximately 23 million small to medium businesses (SMBs) and they all either do the analytics in the mind or manually maintain it. But with the help of ClouDhiti, these businesses will now be able to get the business analytics application at a very nominal rate.

Studies show that in the US, there are only 53% of companies are using big data analytics. This figure also shows that 47% of the companies are deprived of it. It is true that all the data analytics applications offer amazing service to the companies, but why are these companies not acquiring them for the benefit of their business? The simple answer is revenue. All the large scale companies are using data analytics applications that are costly and require huge manpower to maintain it. Therefore, the small to medium businesses cannot afford them.

ClouDhiti brings in AI-based applications that are affordable and are self-maintained. Can you imagine a chatbot that can train its AI-models to answer customers properly every time? No! Can you think of an anomaly detection application that can figure out the abnormal or malicious activities on your store? Can you even imagine one application that can give you a complete insight into your online store? If that is jaw-dropping features checkout ClouDhiti. You can own these applications at a very affordable rate.

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