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ClouDhiti AI Apps Marketplace presents to you handpicked AI Apps that are tested, verified and fully-functional. Based on your business needs, you simply select any of the AI Apps and deploy them on your datasets.

No coding, no IT team, no hassles!

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Reduce your IT costs by paying only when you need it. ClouDhiti’s AI Apps are available in freemium models and if satisfied, pay a monthly subscription charge. Thus, you don’t have to develop specialized AI projects for your business needs!

Save Time, Money and Effort!

ClouDhiti Customize

Customize As Needed

Your use cases and data sets can differ from others. ClouDhiti’s team of expert data scientists and data engineers will diligently work on your requirements to customize a specific AI App to meet your exact needs. 

ClouDhiti Support Team is available 24 by 7!

The AI Platform

The Brain behind!

The ClouDhiti AI Platform, takes care of all back-end technical details to enable AI Apps to run seamlessly. The platform provides easy data ingestion, transformation, cleaning, and correlation capabilities to prepare data for all kinds of analytics, as needed by the hosted AI Apps. AI algorithms identification, selection, and execution are automatic. Data privacy and security functionality are inbuilt. AI Platform hosts brains like Natural Language Processing Engine and models. AI Apps are built on the AI Platform with the baseline advanced architecture and a base .

Hence, this platform can host any AI App and server millions of customers. To buy on ClouDhiti Marketplace, you just go to CD Marketplace and choose your app to subscribe. AI App Developers can also host their own Apps in this marketplace.

ClouDhit's AI Platform